Just a quick Degupdate: More of the same

You know, back when Estelle was still alive and we had just the two of them, they had some very different characters: Candy being daring, curious, bold, Estelle being timid and careful, always hiding behind the running wheel. When we chose the new degus, we did so purely on looks on pictures: I want the brown one and one of the light ones. What we ended up with are Candy and Estelle reloaded. Sky is just like Candy, but even bolder since she’s got Candy as a teacher, with Lulu being so shy that for the first days we were concerned if she was eating at all ! (She is). But the two of them are growing and living tehir best degu life. Enjoy their cuteness.

Juvenile white degu poking her head out from a terracotta pot

©Giliell, all rights reserved Sky, being very cute

Juvenile white degu munching a treat

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Juvenile white degu sitting in a nest of hay

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Adult brown degu trying to open a jar with nuts.

©Giliell, all rights reserved Candy, Candy, Candy

Adult brown degu, side view

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Adult brown degu pulling a piece of wood with her teeth

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Adult brown degu in a running wheel (blurry), juvenile brown degu sitting next to it

©Giliell, all rights reserved Candy and Lulu

Adult brown degu on a green carpet

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Juvenile brown degu

©Giliell, all rights reserved Lulu. She’s so damn pretty, even though she lost the tip of her tail



  1. Jazzlet says

    Aww they are all cute, but Lulu is especially pretty! Glad they are all happy to be with you (again in Candy’s case).

  2. avalus says

    They are so cute. I especially love the photo of candy next to the hazelnut glass. I bet she can smell the goodies inside!

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