1. Ice Swimmer says

    I got curious (I’m not sure why it’s again with Norwegian art) about Frogner. Frogner is a wealthy area in Oslo, Norway. It’s west of the city centre and the famous Vigeland Sculpture Park is in Frogner.

    I wonder, what are the girls playing.

    There are some signs of modern times in this painting from 1880. I wonder if the wires are electrical, telegraph or telephone wires. Bell Telephone Company introduced telephone service to Norway the same year,1880, so they must have built the lines from Oslo to Drammen to the west of Oslo during or before that year. Electricity for lighting seems to have been introduced in Norway in 1877. Whatever wires the ones hanging from the poles are, they must have been a new thing for the artist.

    Lightning rods (the beige house has one) were invented in already the 18th century, so they must have been less of a novelty.

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