Women Artisans on Youtube – Resin Crafting

Just as with carpenters, there will be more of these in due course. Is there a terminus technicus for people who craft things from resin? Probably not, we will have to do without.

Today I want to share two videos actually because there is a follow-up to the first one, where she learns from her mistakes and improves her art.


  1. says

    Ah yes, the upside down beltsander, my personal nemesis. And I’d never do all that sanding inside. If I had a shop, maybe, but in my “studio”? Never.
    And I do need a bandsaw, I promised to get myself one if/when my contract gets renewed.
    One thing I never understand is why they are all spending that much time building castings. I keep seeing that on YouTube and it makes no sense to spend that much time on a lost form. I just use empty juice or milk cartons for that. And lots of tape. There’s always junk around you can use.
    I do love her potion stand, absolutely and adore people who can draw.

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