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    Beautiful drawings.

    It feels a bit strange to read about Bohemia being described in the feminine gender in English. Firstly because well, English is supposedly language without grammatical gender, so what is it about? Secondly, because in Czech the gender of the country depends on how it is named. The official current name (Česká Republika) is feminine. The archaic name for the lands that belonged under the Bohemian Crown (Země koruny české) is a plural of a feminine word. The actual Bohemia itself is only a part of either of these (they comprise of Bohemia, Moravia, and a part of Silesia). Czech name of Bohemia proper is “Čechy” is feminine, but it is plural too, and a specific form of a word that only has the plural form and no singular.
    Aside from that, I found it really, really amusing how the British author starts the book with Brittoncentrism:

    Bohemia, with the above exceptions, is still an unknown land…

    The pictures are really beautiful though, a testament to the era before photography was widely available.
    I also note the book covers the region in which I live and contains pictures of places that I know and have visited.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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