Some Goldfinches

The snow is melting now and the weather is sunny and moderately warm. But when it was snowing and freezing, I had a bit of luck and a few goldfinches visited the feeder, which does not happen very often. Pretty pictures that illustrate a very, very grim story.

©Charly, all rithgs reserved. Click for full size.

I seem to have seen a lot fewer birds on the feeder this year than previously. Almost no greenfinches, no bramblings, no woodpeckers, just very few blackbirds and siskins. I am not alone in this observation, it is scientifically documented trend across the whole of Central Europe, so much so that it was even reported in evening news in TV.

Then I have read that bird populations across Europe are collapsing, following a collapse of insect populations due to overuse of pesticides that kill both the insects and the plants they feed on.

And nothing will be done about it until it is too late, because not overusing pesticides would mean lower corporate profits.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    It’s great to see goldfinches. The second picture is my favourite.

    I wish there was an effective way to break the pattern of large-scale monocultures and related to them, the heavy-handed use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. When it comes to pesticides, Finland is a bit better off with regard to pesticides as the winter is (or has been) harsh for many pests, but then again, the crop yields this far north are quite low.

  2. voyager says

    What pretty little birds and what an awful story. Pesticides have been directly linked to collapsing bee populations in North America, but I’m sure other insects are affected, too. I haven’t heard much about bird populations here, but I’m sure the news isn’t good.

  3. Nightjar says

    Lovely shots, I love goldfinches.

    I’m sorry to hear you have been noticing a decline in bird populations, it sounds very worrying. I haven’t noticed any significant differences here so far. In fact my father keeps saying he has noticed an increase in bird populations during his lifetime, which he thinks is due to the dying out of songbird hunting and eating traditions. It’s sad to think the trend may be about to reverse again. :(

  4. says

    I seem to have seen a lot fewer birds on the feeder this year than previously.

    Ditto. Not actually fewer birds as such, the tits seem to be doing fine, but fewer varieties, though some of them reappeared with the snow. But last year the hawfinches were constant visitors, I was glad to see them once.
    I haven’t seen any goldfinches at all. No hooded tits.

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