Jack’s Walk

Even Buddha is confused by the weather ©voyager, all rights reserved

We had some very strange weather overnight. Let’s see…at 9 pm the temp was -2º C with light freezing rain and everything was covered in a heavy layer of ice. By midnight the temp had climbed to +11º C with heavy pouring rain and over the next few hours the heavy accumulation of ice just melted away. By 6 am almost all of the ice was gone, the rain had stopped and the temp had plummeted back down to -6º C with high winds and intermittent bouts of fine snow. If I hadn’t checked the forecast I would have woken this morning to temps colder than when I went to bed and I would have been completely baffled about the disappearance of so much ice.



  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Water, gaseous, liquid and solid, the Buddha has experienced all of them in a short period of time.

  2. springa73 says

    Went from 10 C / 50 F to -10 C / 15 F overnight, accompanied by much wind. Glad that the ice is gone for both you and me.

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