Jack’s Walk

HappyJack in his element, ©voyager, all rights reserved

Jack and I went to the lake this morning and frolicked in some virgin snow.Well, Jack frolicked and I trudged, but we both had a good time nonetheless. We didn’t stay out very long, though. The temp this morning is -22 C with a wind chill of -31 c and the forecast says it’s going to stay this cold until Friday when temps are expected to climb to +6 C with rain. That’s a temperature difference of 28 C in the space of a day or two. That’s just crazy weather for around here. I hope the weather makes more sense where you are.


  1. says

    I feel cold just reading about this. I hope the arctic vortex misses Urop this year, I think my trees would not survive it twice in a row.

  2. Jazzlet says

    Unusually for us we have a couple of inches of snow, enough for the kids to play in, but not enough to disrupt traffic. I was impressed to see workers out salting the pavements, that didn’t happen much in Sheffield where we got more snow.

  3. says

    Alec Steele (who is British) recently moved to Montana and has been referring to Fahrenheit as “Freedomheit” -- it cracks me up. I was trying to figure what -20C is (i know the formula and can do it without a smartphone) and I was thinking the nationalists will be coming for people who use metric, next.

    Jack gets to be above these things.

  4. springa73 says

    I wish the weather was staying closer to average here in Massachusetts, but unfortunately we’re also on a temperature roller coaster. It’s going down to about -1 F / -18 C tonight, and almost as cold tomorrow night -- very cold, but not as bad as many other parts of the country are getting. Then, by Tuesday it’s supposed to go up to a high of 50 F / 10 C, with rain. Then, it’s supposed to stay mostly above freezing for a couple of days, then get colder again, but not quite as cold as today and tomorrow.

    Our winters are generally not as cold as those in the upper Midwestern and northern Great Plains parts of the US, or even northern New England, and brief periods above freezing are not uncommon even in the middle of winter. However, a sustained period close to 50 F /10 C is quite unusual, especially following temps down near 0 F / -18 C. Unusual compared to past patterns, but unfortunately maybe this is the “new normal”.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    -22 °C is already cold enough. It’s close to 0 °C here. Snow depth seems to be 41 cm, which is about double of what was on Friday. We seem to have the clean snow in common. I love the HappyJack picture.

    Jazzlet @ 2

    They don’t salt pavements here usually, just roads and bike lanes/paths (the latter is a new phenomenon). Road salting is an eternal controversy here, some people are quite opposed to it because of two sets of reasons, environmental reasons (salt collects in underground aquifers) and the corrosion of cars.

  6. rq says

    -10 and sunny today (C, of course. Freedomheit, pfft. :D), after a high of 0 yesterday. Nothing excessively unusual, for the moment.
    The capital city is experimenting with not salting some of the streets, and recently some media outlets published a discussion about braking distance, salt vs. sand (sand won). So along with the environmental issues, people are also pushing against salt for practical purposes.

    Stay warm, voyager and Jack!

  7. lumipuna says

    Alec Steele (who is British) recently moved to Montana and has been referring to Fahrenheit as “Freedomheit”

    Do Americans pronounce the heit part like “hate”? It makes perfect sense, just never occurred to me.

    North America seems weird, with largely continental climate yet wildly fluctuating winter temperatures. We have it easier in Europe.

  8. Nightjar says

    Jack looks so happy and adorable with all that snow on his face! :)

    I’m sorry the weather is so crazy, I hope it doesn’t mess with nature’s cycles too badly.

  9. dakotagreasemonkey says

    Farenhiet , in America, is spoken as Fair-en-Hieght. Though I do hate when it gets below -20 Degrees F! Actual temperature, not wind chill, (the “feels like” temperature).
    That cold, nostrils frost with every breath, 35 seconds without a glove stings your hand with numbing pain that takes 20 minutes to recover from, once back where it’s warm.
    Car batteries lose their power, engine oil turns to molasses, Nothing works right.Transmission fluid won’t even work right until after 10 miles of driving.
    I just went through -28 F. Only 1 of my vehicles would start, and just barely. Damn that truck, I wanted to stay home.
    Only thing good is, snow that cold just brushes off, 3 inches just falls off, it’s too cold to stick to windows or body parts. No frost scraping at all!

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