Jack’s Walk

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It’s another gray day with skies so dull it’s looked like early evening all day long. We did find a few pockets of snow to reflect some light, but even that seemed thin and wan. Nonetheless, we had a pleasant walk together in companionable quiet on the trail of our favourite forest path.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Nice to hear that you had a pleasant walk. Grey skies are quite depressing.

    The snow has been thin here because of the warmer weather on New Year’s Day and rain. Luckily the record-breaking storm didn’t reach this area in full power. Sure the 10 m/s wind from North is something, but it was nothing like the 40+ m/s gusts there were in the West Coast. The sea level was also almost 60 cm below the average last night when I went swimming from sauna (the bay is quite well sheltered and the northern wind blows from the dry land, wind did feel quite harsh, though).

  2. says

    Yeah, while I don’t like “complaining about seasonally normal weather” much, I do share a dislike for long stretches of grey sky. I don’t think I could live much further north with the days being shorter for longer.

  3. Nightjar says

    I would send you some sunshine if I could. It’s another sunny day here today. Night temperatures have finally dropped enough (still positive, but close to 0ºC) to have some morning frost which is always very pretty. I actually love this January weather, sunny and crisp.

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