Beautiful Rain

Kestrel has sent us some beautiful shots of autumn leaves in the rain. She says it has been rainy and foggy so of course she needed to get out for photographs. I hope the taking of them helped boost your spirit, kestrel. Water is so magically photogenic. Thanks so much for sharing.


©kestrel, all rights reserved

©kestrel, all rights reserved

©kestrel, all rights reserved

©kestrel, all rights reserved



  1. says

    For the tree afflicted, the species is possibly Populus tremuloides., definitively Populus sp.
    I love the water droplets on the leaves, especialy the last one.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The American sister species to the European aspen (Populus tremula). In Finnish idiom, the aspen leaf is the stereotypical thing that’s quaking (“Vapisee kuin haavanlehti.” = “He/she/it’s quaking like an aspen leaf.” haapa = aspen, lehti = leaf, kuin = like or as, vapista = to quake)

    The droplets are lovely.

  3. Nightjar says

    I love the first photo, such a vibrant display of colour when the sky turns grey. I just love the contrast. The last one is wonderful too, the leaf is beautifully isolated with the shining droplets and the bokeh is really nice!

  4. rq says

    It’s how I learned to identify aspens, because of the trembling even when there was practically no wind. These are beautiful photos! Fragile and the yellow colour feels a bit whimsical, a bit sad.

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