1. says

    Those are amazing. But I have to admit, when I saw the headline I thought this was going to be about those guys in their 40s and 50s who go to nightclubs hoping to score with a 20-something…

  2. rq says

    Sorry, I didn’t find any of those out in the country, I’ll do better next time. :D I have more photos of abandonment from this area, but it’s not an uncommon sight, as life from the farmlands slowly oozes to the city.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    These can be called a cellar (kellari in Finnish) or ground cellar (F: maakellari) here, but often a structure like that is called on Finnish kuoppa or perunakuoppa (pit or potato pit).

    The one we had at my family’s summer cottage was on a hill and you needed a ladder to go into it. Somebody came up with the idea to tie a plastic bag in a string (a length of clothesline) and tie the other end to the top of the ladder. That made the logistics of the pit much easier (especially for Grandma) and you could put often needed stuff in the bag and lower it to the pit.

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