Scandinavian Letters: Öga.


Öga is Swedish for eye. Jackdaws have light-coloured irises which makes their eyes look more eye-like for the human eye. Jackdaw is naakka in Finnish and kaja in Swedish. This jackdaw was on the quay of Helsinki Market Square in November 2016.

The letter Ö, used in German, Estonian, Finnish and Swedish is the last letter in Finnish and Swedish alphabets and so this post concludes the series.

This has been a fabulous series, and I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have. Many thanks to Ice Swimmer for meeting a tough challenge with such flair and ease. Click for full size!

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  1. voyager says

    I have enjoyed this series. It was part travelogue and part learning cool new words to spice up conversation. Also, Ice Swimmer your photos are always gorgeous. I love the way you use light and it is always a pleasure to see the world through your eye.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you, Caine, voyager and Giliell. It is great to hear that my cellphone photos (taken with 3 different phones during the last 4 -- 5 years) and little writeups have been enjoyable.

    Doing this series, I’ve learned more photo editing skills and the importance of not making unnecessary errors that have to corrected by heavy editing.

  3. rq says

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the series, as well. You should now do the whole alphabet backwards. ;) (Yeah, yeah, I could do a Latvian alphabet, but… that would require effort on my part.)
    Also, interestingly, oga (without the umlaut) means ‘berry’ in Latvian. Some berries do look like odd little eyes… Jackdaw eyes, to be honest, are creepily neat.

  4. says

    Jackdaws have a striking color scheme, that’s for sure.

    Ice Swimmer, thank you very much for this series. I learned some neat things, and the photos were wonderful.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    rq @ 5

    Thank you!

    BTW, the ö in öga is a pronounced as a long ö (the a is short). I’m guessing the wovels in oga are both short?

    In Finnish eye is silmä and berry is marja and in Swedish berry is bär (pronounced with a long ä).

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    You’re welcome, Joseph Zowghi and jazzlet!

    BTW, there’s a mild pun in the file name of the picture. “The jackdaw on the quay” is in Swedish “Kajan på kajen”. The jackdaw is on one of the quays in the Market Square. The quays are used by various sightseeing boats, ferries to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress and other islands and herring selling boats during the Herring Fair in October.

    My thanks to Caine for providing this venue!

  7. Nightjar says

    That’s a beautiful bird. The eye is indeed impressive and I love the white half-collar.

    I agree with what everyone already said, it was an enjoyable and very interesting series!

  8. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you, nightjar!

    I wonder how much can jackdaws “read” humans from our eye movements?

    The English-language Wikipedia stated that jackdaws, gregarious birds that nest close to each other, don’t seem to cheat their partners, instead, they seem to split very rarely, be together as much as possible and be faithful to each other.

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