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    I’ve been listening to this song quite a bit lately. Ghost’s new album comes out the day after my birthday, and I can’t wait. Also, the swag they’re offering includes a plague mask. I think I’ll get one.

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    Which is when? ‘Cause I think a plague mask would be pretty cool. I really like Rats, and Forge has gone darker, which I’m digging. Never mind, found it. Oy, 115 bucks, but it’s the only bundle they still have available with the mask, and I want that thing.

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    You know, sometimes it strikes me that I’m 60, and probably shouldn’t be getting all excited about a plague mask. Grown up, I’m not. :D

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    Best hurry, Joseph, two bundles are already sold out, there’s one with the plague mask left, just now ordered it.

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    Which is when?

    May 31st. That’s my birthday. The album comes out June 1st.

    Anyway, good thing I just got paid. (And that I’m getting a bonus in my next paycheck.) Off to store I go.

  6. rq says

    Oooh, a plague mask?? Heh. Not going to judge because that sounds pretty good to me.
    And the moves that you mention, Cains -- well, I may be a little bit in love. I have a thing for well-dancing men like that.

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