1. Ice Swimmer says

    I’ve never seen a starling in snow IRL.

    The second to last: “What’s up there?”

  2. voyager says

    When I was six I was attacked by starlings protecting a nest. All I did was stop to play under their tree. They dove at me and peck, peck, pecked my head until it bled. Since then, I leave a large respectful distance from starlings. But, they are pretty I guess.

  3. says

    All these years, and I haven’t ever been able to get one decent photo of one. They won’t come near feeders here, and are very paranoid and shy.

  4. jazzlet says

    Starlings haven’t been doing well in the UK, a huge drop in population since the 60s, but they have been making a bit of a come back recently. I hope they come all the way back so everyone gets to see murmurations at dusk. I used to watch huge numbers of them swirling about as I waited for the bus after university classes in winter, bringing a bit of magic into the centre of Birmingham.

  5. Nightjar says

    They look so beautiful, I love their iridescent feathers! I’m pretty sure I have seen starlings before but I think they were all spotless starlings. I don’t think these are very common here.

  6. says

    I didn’t know they came in spotless! You can still tell they are starlings though, from those fine feathers -- a unique look.

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