1. kestrel says

    Oh, swoon! First a hawfinch and now a goldfinch?! Charly, you are bringing in photos of some fantastic birds!!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The softness of the pictures works well. And the prime red and yellow in the plumage are still sharp enough.

    I suppose European Goldfinches (Stieglitz in German) are opposed to austerity policies on bird feeders just like Joseph Stiglitz is opposed to austerity policies on state finances.

  3. jazzlet says

    We used to get wonderful views of goldfinches feeding on the teasels we grew in our last garden. Here they tend to be part of the finch and tit flocks that rampage through the various shrubs, I get good views when they get to the bamboo outside the back window, otherwise it tends to be glimpses, but they all like the shrubs so the shrubs stay.

  4. says

    I have seen goldfinches in pairs, but mostly single individuals and never in flocks. I would be more than happy to get a flock of them. These are in my opinion the most beautiful finches around here.
    Funnily enough other members of the genus Carduelis that come to visit -- greenfinches and siskins -- do come in flocks of sometimes even more than 10 individuals.

  5. says

    I get mass amounts of [American] Goldfinches, especially in summer, there are often up to hundred descending on the deck, but they look nothing like yours -- the colours on yours are so beautiful!

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    Maybe the Nordic population hasn’t yet come to Central Europe because the snow and cold weather has been kind of hit and miss (mostly miss). The ones that migrate should start their migration in October, but…

    I must say I haven’t seen goldfinches here.

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