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    @Ice Swimmer, not really. But these pictures are two weeks old -- Caine fished them out of spam folder and I was so busy that I did not notice that she did not publish them, so I could remind her sooner.

    Now all the nuts have been collected, dried and mostly sold. My mom has bought a yellow orchid and a few other things for herself with the money. And we have a few kg of unshelled nuts for our use -- we are set for years.

    And we also have a few kg of unshelled nuts of lower quality for the bird feeder.

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    @Giliell, here at this time of year first frost should already be behind us. Nothing so far. Today I checked the glass houses and I will probably this week harvest a few figs. Figs in october! Above 50° north latitude and 600 m above sea! Second year in a row! There is not enough exclamation marks for me to stress out how unusualy warm the weather has become.

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