Urban Dinosaurs.

From Ice Swimmer: Any way, in a tram stop in Downtown Helsinki, these urban dinosaurs are disputing whose piece of bread that is. The adult European herring gull (white with gray wings) took it in the end and flew away. The hooded crow, jackdaw, pigeon and the juvenile gull were left empty-beaked. The pigeon and the jackdaw were quite careful to not get too much attention from the big ones. Multiple buses, cabs and a tram interrupted their dispute, but no-one got run over and they resumed multiple times after each vehicle was gone.
I have no idea who dropped the bread or how this thing started. Click for full size!

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  1. kestrel says

    There is some major wishing going on there, particularly with the hooded crow… They also seem to be checking very, very carefully for any hidden crumbs that might be around.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The white building is Tennispalatsi (tennis palace, built 1937 for the canceled Summer Olympics in 1940 as a vehicle servicing centre), which is nowadays home to a movie theatre multiplex and the Helsinki Art Museum (HAM), formerly there were indoor tennis courts and a car dealership/showroom there (the latter from 1937 to 1950s).

    Kestrel @ 1

    Yes, the crow seemed to be determined to get something out of this, however minor.

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