Emotion Capture.

The setup consists of 40 Nikon DSLR cameras and two large light diffusion lamps. Photo: @lovesickfrankie.

The future of avatars is here.

How exactly does one become an emotionally competent and reactionary 3D avatar of oneself? I found myself in the midst of precisely 40 DSLR cameras strapped onto poles aimed at my face, with a heavy weight atop of my head, while going through a series of emotions and sounds I wasn’t aware I was capable of. Not exactly a scene from a Tarkovsky film, but not unlike other ventures into life-like technology.

Recently, London live-event design company Immersive presented a new technology created by Expressive AI called Emotion Capture, where, as demonstrated in the above process, avatars are created to be emotionally responsive and as human-like as possible.

You can see and read all about this at The Creators Project.


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    That’s an impressive amount of gear! It’s cool because they used so many cameras; I’m not sure why they didn’t use a robotic camera motion system, except for time-saving. The focusing light-domes… (sigh) I know what those cost.

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