1. busterggi says

    We have some of those peaches & cream pigeons around here but they aren’t common. I expect a lot of fancy pigeons have intermingled over the years.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    Pigeons are not my favorite creatures, but yes they come in many color patterns. New Yorkers have a wide number of expressions for pigeons. I lived high up in a glass tower on the Upper east Side in an earlier incarnation. I was a few blocks from the Cornell medical tower where peregrine falcons were re-introduced to NYC. It re-established the falcons back in their normal range and helped control overpopulation of pigeons. The falcons circled high looking for their next pigeon meal. They were at eye-level to my windows or frequently below my windows. They are incredibly fast, especially in a dive. They were re-introduced by the Peregrine Fund. There are breeding pairs up and down the Hudson River Valley with urban nests now reported as far north as Albany.

    Alas, “my” local raptors continue to elude my seeking camera lens.

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