The Tiny Tyrant’s Tax Evasion.

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The people of Briarcliff Manor, NY, are rather upset with the Tiny Tyrant, and for very good reason. Turns out, Trump doesn’t want to pay his taxes. Alright, everyone who’s surprise, raise your hand. Not wanting to pay taxes is no great shock, there’s a reason people want to see those tax returns; what is of interest is why Trump doesn’t want to pay the property tax on his golf course.

ABC News reports that the Trump organization has filed a legal challenge with Briarcliff Manor to knock $250,000 off the property tax bill for the Trump National Golf Club, Westchester. ABC News notes that the organization’s challenge is “who resent having to assume the burden of paying additional taxes to support town services and the local school district.”

Emphasis mine. I’m just gonna let that sit there and sink in. This is from the Major Moron who never shut up about “making America great again”.

And Gloria Fried, the receiver of taxes for Ossining, tells ABC that “it is very difficult when you see someone who has all these assets at his disposal who would rather pay lawyers to avoid his civic duty of paying taxes.”

I imagine that avoiding civic duties is a way of life for the Tiny Tyrant, and all the fucking idiots put him in the white house. If I thought they were capable of it, I’d say they ought to be absolutely mortified.

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  1. johnson catman says

    Anybody want to take odds on whether 45 will spend more than the tax bill to try to avoid paying the taxes?

  2. komarov says

    Well, fair enough, I say. Just like it is fair enough if local authorities or, plainly, the locals resent having a tax fraud in their neighbourhood. All manner of things could happen. For example, depending on the location, access roads to the golf club might be closed down for maintenance -- only that portion of the road maintenance budget had to be reallocated to the local school district. Maybe, when outstanding tax revenues finally come in, things might improve.
    The odd protest haranguing visitors might also be helpful and, were I part of those local authorities, I’d happily encourage this, so long as club visitors can still pass (eventually) and things stay non-violent. After all, the community has a right to express their opinions on parasitic leeches.*

    P.S.: Johnson Catman, he just might but only because it is the principle of the thing. Following a lenghty and expensive trial he’ll then settle out of court -- something he of course never does. Mind you, putting Trump in jail for tax fraud for the next few years might just be the single-most patriotic act in recent US-history…

    *I.e. rich people refusing to pay their dues. This might confuse Republicans.

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