1. rq says

    Get it to show a little more red belly next time, too much red head in this one! ;) (Beautiful.)

  2. kestrel says

    Kengi, your shots are so wonderful. You must have some really awesome equipment!

  3. Kengi says

    Thanks, kestrel. But I’m getting by with a point-and-shoot that has a super-zoom lens (a Nikon Coolpix) and a decent tripod. Lots of long shutter times, difficulty with depth of field due to small lens opening, and tons of resultant blurry photos to discard. But when it all comes together…

    At least modern digital cameras can be pushed with a higher ISO now. Not too many years ago you had to keep the ISO at 100 or the photo would be so grainy it was useless. This recent batch of photos has been at ISO 800 (the upper-end for decent shots with my camera), and the camera does a wonderful job of processing the image to give a good natural appearance.

    Even at ISO 800, though, many of the shots were at 1/60 even with the lens opened up as much as it was able or just a stop down. It’s at the bitter edge of what you can do with a current point-and-shoot.

  4. kestrel says

    Ah -- I see, just pure, raw talent. :-D Yeah, I *used* to be able to hand-hold at 1/60, but no more… A tripod sure is a big help, but yeah, I’d say you’ve got a lot of talent working in your favor. :-)

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    A beautiful picture.

    A different black-and-white woodpecker wing pattern, very stylish. Also to be noted are the reddish-brown iris, the carrot coloured head and the forked little tail.

    I wonder if the pattern of the wings would have a dazzle camouflage effect. The breast and throat seem to blend into the colour of the bark well. The head is in no way camouflage 8-).

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