One hundred and eighty three people have been killed by cops in 2017. This is more than there were at this point last year. Looks like cops are going to go for a record breaker.

Via Killed By Police.


  1. says

    I assume all the murders committed in Sweden weren’t committed by cops. For all that people, in particular, conservative bigots like to talk about the crime rate here, they never manage to include homicidal cops. No, all you get then is “those people deserved it!”

  2. johnson catman says

    Giliell @1:

    That’S about 100 more than got murdered in all of Sweden…

    But . . . but . . . our well-informed Pendejo Pussy-Grabber was telling us all about the problems in Sweden.

  3. says

    When looking only at people shot to death by police, this number is approximately 183 higher than for the whole of EU this year.

    And I am including the word “approximately” only because there might have happened some isolated incident that is not to be found on first page of google search results.

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