The Year of Knots.



Amazing, wonderful work!

In January of 2016, artist Windy Chien devoted herself to learning a new knot every day for a year, tying a total of 366 by December 31st (2016 was a leap year). Although 366 knots might seem like a staggering number, it is nothing compared to the 3,900 included in Chien’s go-to knot manual—The Ashley Book of Knots, which took its author nearly 11 years to compile.

There is just so much to see! Via Wired. * Windy Chien’s Website. * Windy Chien’s Instagram.


  1. dalemacdougall says

    We had to do a lot of rope work when I was in basic officer training in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Lots of river crossing and mountaineering stuff. I sucked at knots :(

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