I definitely want to build a large scarecrow come Springtime, but in the meanwhile, I want to make a small one, using swarf for the head. So, time to play a bit and decide what I want to do…


And a better shot of the swarf, because it’s so pretty:


And Trashcrow – this would be for a full size only, too much of a pain to do small. Doing a Trashcrow would give me a chance to play around with plastic bag molding, and playing with fire and other fun stuff. :D



Clickety for full size. © C. Ford.


  1. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin says the bestest swarf is from whisk(e)y breweries, but is quite hard to obtain, even with a bribeoffering of cheese. She suggest making yer own by trapping a kraken in a bottle of Kraken, preferably emptieddrank first, and then grinding it up by vigorous application of a cleaver, wasbi, and a horse. (If yer very careful, and retire to a reinforced bunker in another Universe, then sometimes substituting a pea for the correct comma is said to work.) Aging is required, but no-one seems to know for how long, or else there’s been a massive telephone failure…

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