“Who needs white when black lives matter”

Xavier University student in blackface.

Xavier University student in blackface.

On Monday night, a Snapchat photo of a female Xavier student wearing blackface with the caption “Who needs white when black lives matter” circulated on social media, leading to anger and frustration among students.

The following morning, another violent and graphic photo made the rounds. Individuals hanged a skeleton wearing a traditional West African dashiki from the window of the Fenwick building, which houses primarily sophomore year students.

The skeleton, which was arranged in such a way to replicate the act of lynching, was placed in a window that faces one of the college’s main lawns and was set up alongside a Donald Trump 2016 “Make America Great Again” flag.

The image of the skeleton in the window next to the Trump flag sends an important message. It is absolutely a message to non-white students on the college’s campus.

It is also an incredibly important statement on the state of this country in 2016 and the dangers of a Trump presidency — one that dangerously emboldens the growing white nationalist movement.

This is what bothers me, by magnitudes of order, when it comes to people making all manner of excuses for supporting Trump. This is now outright fascism, you can’t in honesty call it anything else, and it’s brainbreaking to see so many people simply shrug incidents like this off, or try to come up with excuses as to why this isn’t white nationalism and/or fascism. As someone sliding down the old age ladder, it’s seriously disturbing to see this isht in high schools and universities. There’s supposed to be hope in the new generations, not despair.

I’ll spare you the pain of looking at the tweet stream: “Germanic heritage” and “Halloween, Duh”.

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  1. rq says

    I’m still stunned at how people still think this is okay.
    And that skeleton? Terrifying.

    This is now outright fascism

    Yes, and I hope the consequences will be severe. A girl can dream.

    (Also, Germanic heritage, wtf? *puke* So much wrong with that statement, esp. since ‘Germanic’ isn’t something you could call a unified race or cultural group, and a lot of non-Germanic nationalities could claim Germanic heritage simply due to being occupied by Germans at one point or another -- I know Latvians would qualify, but you know what, knowing the nationalistic attitudes often encountered here, this might just be right up the alley they’re looking for.)

  2. says


    Also, Germanic heritage, wtf?

    Colour me clueless. I didn’t understand that when I read it, and I don’t understand it now. How do you look at the photos and come up with ‘Germanic heritage’?

  3. Kreator says


    I’m still stunned at how people still think this is okay.

    I think it’s worse than that, they know it’s not okay, but they don’t care at all. They’re utterly despicable people, and they revel on it. They’re like pigs happily wallowing in a mix of mud and feces, with the difference that pigs have practical motives to do so, like protecting their skin from the sun and insects, while these people simply enjoy their own filth too much. I bet they think their farts smell like roses.

    As for the Great Enabler, Donald Trump… may history treat his name the same way it treats those of the worst dictators, and may all his supporters turn on him and later ignore or forget him after his loss, so that many years in the future, when biology takes its toll on his body and it’s time for him to depart from the world, nobody but his closest family is there to mourn his passing.

  4. chigau (違う) says

    That blackface stuff is a cosmetic facial peel. Really™ all very innocent.
    I’m guessing the ‘German heritage’ thing is a conflation of ‘Aryan’. These people are not Majoring in History.

  5. says


    That blackface stuff is a cosmetic facial peel. Really™ all very innocent.

    Yeah, I saw on the tweet stream. Jackass didn’t say anything about the text over the photo. It’s not the facial peel tagline. Oh, aryan, right. Why can’t they just come out with the truth, and say white?


    I feel that America has a very strong “Nuh uh, you can’t tell me what to do” culture.

    Oh yes it does, uttered in the dulcet tones of red-faced, screaming toddler. Except when it’s anyone of colour. People of colour don’t get to pull that particular tantrum, we need to be submissive, and comply, be obedient, not uppity and all that.

  6. Dunc says

    Also, Germanic heritage, wtf?

    Well, there are clear parallels with a certain German political movement of the mid-20th century…

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    Has anybody asked the person named in that perfectly-complementary banner for his opinion on this?

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