Sunday Facepalm.

This took place in September this year. The governor of Oklahoma declared a day to be Oilfield Prayer Day. Yep. Good old Christian Dominionism at work – look at all this nice stuff god blessed us with, now let’s get out there, destroy everything and fuck it all up! There is not enough facepalm.


Whereas, Oklahoma is blessed with an abundance of oil and natural gas, allowing the state to be a prosperous producer of these valuable resources; and

Whereas, Christians acknowledge such natural resources are created by God; and

Whereas, the oil and gas industry continues to produce countless opportunities for wealth generation for Oklahoma families; and

Whereas, Oklahoma recognizes the incredible economic, community and faith-based impacts demonstrated across the state by oil and natural gas companies; and

Whereas, Christians are invited to thank God for the blessings created by the oil and natural gas industry and to seek His Wisdom and ask for protection;

Now, Therefore, I, Mary Fallin, Governor, do hereby proclaim October 13,

Oilfield Prayer Day.

Christians just can’t fuck off enough. Seriously, you have not only ruined and destroyed things forever, but you continue to do so, and in the worst possible way. Apparently, this was the governor’s response to Oklahoma’s failing economy. Wow, what leadership. As Mark Trahant points out, the move, right now, to clean energy can not only bring temporary and permanent jobs, in the thousands, it can massively boost a state economy. How about that, Ms. Fallin, instead the of the standard christian pillage and not give a fuck? How about that, rather than some limp appeal to prayer, which has never worked, and never will. No one is listening, so that means you need to actually do something your self.

And the nerve of setting this 3 days after “Hey, here to fuck you over forever!” Day.

The PDF is here, if you want to see it in all its nauseating glory.


  1. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin suggests sending a request to the FSM to turn the oil into spicy tomato sauce & cheese.

  2. rq says

    I don’t know how people can take themselves so seriously. I read that text and it’s just ridiculous.

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