Now It’s A Coaster.

Thomas Chung in his workplace. Photo by Kyle Clayton.

Thomas Chung in his workplace. Photo by Kyle Clayton.

There’s a terrific article about North Anchorage, Alaska artist Thomas Chung, who will be exhibiting tomorrow at Becky Gallery October 7, reception 5 – 8 p.m.

With a background in cultural anthropology, Chung combines symbols from various myths and stories along with contemporary brands like Coke and Jägermeister
“There’s something kind of funny about Jägermeister,” Chung said as he held a rubber circle mat with the deer and cross logo. “He’s that saint who was a hunter and ran into a deer and this glowing, crazy cross appeared and that’s how he found God. Now it’s a coaster.”

The full article is here. You can see more of Professor Chung’s work here.


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    I’ve never tasted Jägermeister. I was very intrigued by Tom Chung’s observation that we’re a species that has a tendency to reduce profound stories into mere branding. Doesn’t say terribly good things about us. His work is very thought provoking, and fascinating, too.

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