1. Ice Swimmer says

    All of these are wonderful, the first being the cutest. The others are educational, you see how much pollen the bees may carry to get the nectar.

  2. says

    I took those pics in my aunt’s Allotment Garden, which is something very popular in Germany, especially when you live in a city like she does. What I learned that day is that each gardening community has to have a certain amount of bee hives. Since we’Re still in a kind of late summer, the bees and bumblebees were out in force.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    Giliell @ 3

    The allotment gardens are also popular here and AFAIK vegetable patches without cottages have had a resurgence in popularity. As far as i know getting an allotment in the more popular ones in Helsinki can be extremely difficult unless you inherit one.

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