Bullet Imagery Is Not Violent!

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The GOP leaders, however, are standing by the image, which they hand-delivered to Kirkpatrick’s campaign office and posted online. Matthew Specht with the Arizona Republican Party told the Arizona Daily Star that “no one” connected the poster’s bullet imagery with violence “until the Kirkpatrick campaign tried to use it as a way to distract the media from Ann Kirkpatrick’s absence from the campaign trail.”

Mmmhmm. Those bullet holes are just purely decorative, I’m sure.

Full story at Think Progress.


  1. rq says

    Bullet imagery and the words ‘hold her accountable’… nope. no violence here, nope none at all! (seriously?)

  2. says


    Yeah, it’s not like those signs evoke the motto “Dead or Alive”

    Of course not, no one has ever seen Westerns!

  3. cubist says

    Bullet imagery is not violent.

    War is peace.

    Freedom is slavery.

    Ignorance is strength.

    Shit is shinola.

  4. Lofty says

    How much restraint did they need to not paint one of those bullet holes on her face? Betcha they wanted to.

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