EC Statement, Richard Carrier.

The FtB Ethics Committee has released an official statement on the departure of Richard Carrier from our network.

Freethought Blogs unequivocally condemns any behavior that threatens the safety of atheist community members, including particularly marginalized groups. Freethought Blogs also recognizes the role of sexual harassment as one of numerous barriers for women that limits access to and participation within atheist conferences and spaces.

When the recent allegations against Richard Carrier were made public, Freethought Blogs initiated a process to investigate these claims and formalize its policy concerning the conduct of its members. The FtB Ethics Committee received several reports of Carrier’s behavior and was in the process of reviewing them when Carrier chose to leave the network. A thorough review of the allegations against Carrier cannot be completed by Freethought Blogs without his cooperation.

As part of our commitment to equitable access to freethinking spaces for all, Freethought Blogs members who violate our commitment to social justice by creating or maintaining barriers to participation will be removed from the network as a matter of policy. All reports submitted to us in furtherance of this policy will be kept in the strictest of confidence, unless the accusation was made publicly or in the event we have express permission to reproduce the complaint.

-The FtB Ethics Committee

ETA: For those just wondering why this post has not gone up on every blog? Two things: posting was not made mandatory, and time zones, how do they work?


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    I will add here that the EC was already in the midst of making policy, including one addressing basic conduct, before the allegations against Carrier surfaced. That work will continue.

  2. says

    I do a lot of public speaking and pretty much anyone who’s done the speaking circuit knows that you’re a performer and part of what a good performer offers is a reliable no-hassle low-handholding experience. Part of that includes not being late, visibly hung over, bursting out into abuse, or using your stage presence as a chance to amplify unrelated interests. That’s why a few of us quietly rolled our eyeballs when Carrier started using his blog as a substitute for OKCupid. It was stupid. And now he’s burned himself with some prospective employers: way to “build your brand identity” It shows a lack of judgement.

  3. says

    Well, I certainly can’t disagree with it being a lack of judgement, it was. A very big one, as it turns out. I think planning to sue half the planet is a lack of judgement too. I suppose I’ll see.

  4. says

    Does he think he’s going to sue? For failing to provide a service and violating his client’s policies?

    If he actually finds an attorney who’ll take that, it’ll be Jay Carreon or some other walking legal comedy. His best strategy is to slink off and find a new field -- he just shit the hot tub pretty hard in atheism/skepticism.

  5. says

    Oh, and threatening to sue an employer is the kiss of death. No employer with a clue is going to hire someone who has a history of making that particular threat. It’s like blackballing yourself by saying “I am risky to work with.”

  6. says


    Oh, and threatening to sue an employer is the kiss of death.

    Well, as far as FTB is concerned, he chose to leave, and did so at a time when we weren’t all that far into the investigation. *shrug*

  7. polishsalami says

    So, Richard Carrier is going to sue FTB for…briefly suspending his posting rights for an ethics investigation? Before he voluntarily left the network? And how much money does he think the people at The Orbit have stashed away in the Cayman Islands?

    I’ve been reluctant to say it, but Carrier appears to have sociopathic tendencies. Here you go, Richard — sue me!

  8. Siobhan says

    And how much money does he think the people at The Orbit have stashed away in the Cayman Islands?

    As if Freethought Blogs has money stashed away in the Cayman Islands? o_O

  9. says

    I don’t have money stashed away anywhere. I think that’s probably the case for the majority of bloggers on both networks. It’s not like we’re raking in the cash here.

  10. shwasbuckled says

    How quickly Richard Carrier has joined the ranks of the Ben Radfords and Michael Shermers of the world. Threatening to sue people into silence.

    No Richard these people will not be silenced. They have a right to warn the community about victimizers and they will not be cowed by legal bullying or threats.

    Richard you need to slink away quietly and quickly before this erupts into a big hot mess that you can’t clean up.

  11. cubist says

    Carrier has posted a statement. Apparently, Carrier believes that some of the statements posted on various FTB blogs are both (a) false, and (b) suitable fodder for a lawsuit.

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