1. jimb says

    I’m jealous of all the variety of birds in your area. I’m in a suburban area -- about the only variety I notice are hummingbirds.

    I enjoy the pics, keep ’em posting! :-)

  2. blf says

    “I really have to get myself together” — Is being scattered about the place in (presumably) small and (possibly) somewhat squashed bits another side-effect of forty-foot high killer rats (admittedly, rather sounds like it); or Did you just get bit in half by that ex-dinosaur outside (which also, admittedly, rather sounds like it)?

    Speaking of which, the mildly deranged penguin, is, of course, not impressed: She points out she can do that with a bad of orange paint, albeit in her case, it’d probably have added speckles with a samurai sword as an accessory.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    That beak is for *crunching* seeds. Light from the side seems to work nice with this fellow.

  4. says

    Jim, Hummingbirds? Oh, jealous. There’s all of one type of hummingbird in ND, and I have never seen one.

    Blf, still in one piece. Sort of.

    rq, thanks. All’s well.

    Ice Swimmer, oh yes. They can go through an astonishing amount of seeds in a very short time. I always know when they are at the tray, because they chirp constantly, even while eating.

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