Thank you, Rats

File this one under: FFS. My apologies to PZ, for pestering him unnecessarily. I’ve had to change things in my studio lately, to accommodate all the ratlets, and didn’t realize the rats could get up on the computer station. Even more stupidly, I left an admin page open, and left my keyboard on. In their usual mysterious way, they hit a perfect storm of keys, and borked everything here. It’s all fixed up now, so all you wonderful people who commented today, you’ll have to do it again, I can’t figure out how to move comments (if it’s even possible – the rats could probably do it.) For your trouble, here’s Ville, one of Violette’s boys, named after Ville Valo, because of the wicked cute.




  1. says

    *Laughs* It’s tiny in comparison. It is uncanny, their talent for hitting the right keys. They’ve actually posted stuff to Needled before. I don’t know how they manage it. They actually managed to activate something in jetpack, an add-on I hadn’t even messed with.

  2. chigau (違う) says

    just noticed
    The Never-ending Thread
    Are there any rules we need to know about?
    * no eye-gouging?
    * no biting above the chin?
    * no peas?

  3. says

    Chigau @ 5:

    I think peas will have to be optional. Basically, the no asshole rule, magnified. It will be a place for socializing, there can be silliness, seriousness, support, and even arguments, but the arguments need to be based on whatever is being argued, not going to personalities. So, yeah, what you said.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    I love your fur oh so black…

    Hope the rats won’t figure out your passwords.

    HIM is at its best is so melodic while using those incredibly hard and distorted guitar sounds.

  5. says

    Ice Swimmer:

    I love your fur oh so black…

    :D Gone with the Sin is playing right now. I’ve had my HIM/Mono Inc/The Rasmus/Apocalyptica playlist going all day.

    Hope the rats won’t figure out your passwords.

    I knew there was a reason I’ve avoided password keeping programs.

    HIM is at its best is so melodic while using those incredibly hard and distorted guitar sounds.

    Yeah, I agree. I’ve got to stop listening to Into the Night on a loop, well, no I don’t, it’s not like I have neighbours to annoy.

  6. says


    HIM/Mono Inc/The Rasmus/Apocalyptica playlist

    Make that HIM/Mono Inc/The Rasmus/Apocalyptica/Project Pitchfork/Moonspell/Helium Vola playlist.

  7. jimb says

    I’m the household IT person, but I only have to deal with other humans. I can’t imagine trying to troubleshoot rat induced computer errors. :-)

  8. says

    Jim @ 12:

    Oh, it takes me ages to figure out what they’ve done, it’s almost always something I have zero familiarity with -- I have to go through everything. This time, they turned on something in jetpack, which I hadn’t gone near at all.

  9. jimb says

    Caine @ 13:
    And I imagine the rats are snickering as you try to sort out whatever they did.

    (This makes me giggle a little, even though it’s probably not all that funny to you :-))

  10. says

    Oh, it’s funny now, it wasn’t so funny when I was expecting PZ to know what was going on and fix it. I really can’t figure out how they manage to hit the right combination of keys. I don’t like keyboard shortcuts either, I’m a mouse baby, so that makes it all the worse for me trying to figure all this shit out. Teach me to leave my bloody keyboard on.

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