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Mar 12 2013

Ryan’s big budget day

Paul Ryan’s lively new budget comes out today, to much fanfare and catcalling. Alas, it is already dead. It died last year when Ryan lost in his bid to become Vice President. But maybe we shouldn’t be so hasty: it’s built on such hypocrisy and so many howlers it stands in its own right as a satirical …

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Sep 06 2012

Paul Ryan, mountain man!


There are moments in every campaign when a biased hack makes such a fool of themselves that mockery becomes obligatory. So it with this sad fluff piece on Paul Ryan by John Andrews:

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Aug 19 2012

Ryan-Romney forced to respond to ‘Legit Rape’ comments

Rep. Akin’s stupid remarks about legitimate rape versus whatever the hell he thinks another kind might be has raged through the media and will be front and center tomorrow. Naturally, Ryan-Romney distanced themselves, with bold and forceful timidity, saying they don’t agree with Akin:

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Aug 11 2012

Paul Ryan: Deficit Warrior Prince


That will no doubt be one of the memes trotted out to the wingnut victims, also known as the conservative base. Paul Ryan is courageous, he’s taking on the establishment’s most treasured programs and standing fearlessly against pork barrel politicians from both sides! All hail the Deficit Warrior Prince! Here’s some background on Mr Ryan:

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Aug 11 2012

Romney has a shiny new VP

Regular Joe Paul Ryan eating din-din with two zillionaire conservatives enjoying a $350 bottle of wine in DC. Yeah, America needs THIS guy ...

Team Romney has flipped the game board and rolled out their VP pick early. There’ll be a bunch of articles coming out on Paul Ryan and his Medicare killing plan. No one can say the exact reasons, but one thing we can infer: Team Romney must have seen the same trends in their internal data …

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