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Jan 02 2014

Pope Francis is becoming non grata for this views on the rich

  I like this guy more and more. For the same reason a handful of greed-crazed zillionaires are liking him less and less:

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Dec 02 2013

Jesus weeps at the Pope

I can personally bear witness that poverty is a lot more fun when there’s company and the Pope is making it cool. Especially when he’s pointing out how rigged the game has become. Last week the Pontiff drew praise from all corners when he further noted just a few of the many grotesque inequalities between …

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Jun 21 2013

Obama hates Catholic children!

Group photo of right-wingnuttosphere

President Obama unveiled his latest attack on religion, children, and apple pie this morning. And he had the nerve to do it in Belfast, Ireland! But you have to read between the lines, or better yet not read it at all. Obama said in part, “If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings, …

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Jun 17 2013

Catholic school fires teacher for being abused by ex-husband

I saw this a few days ago but got sidetracked. A teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic School in San Diego was fired because her abusive ex made a scene at her workplace:

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Apr 18 2013

Catholic guru Bill Donohue clarifies that marriage is not about love or happiness

You poor misled romantic saps. Marriage has nothing to do with love or happiness. Just ask the unofficial Catholic leader Bill Donohue– who holds no position whatsoever in the church proper but still manages to embarrass Catholics the world over on a regular basis:

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Mar 30 2013

Pope washes ‘controversial’ feet: Geller & usual suspects will get right on this …

A few headlines across the nut-o-sphere read variations on Catholics angered over Pope’s choice of his foot washing … person. Here’s the nut of the angst:

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Feb 11 2013

Surprising move by Pope

In a move the surprised many Catholics, Pope Benedict XVI announced his eminent resignation, Feb 28, 2013, just eight years after first donning the Golden Hat of Xenu:

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