What pray tell is a conservative then?

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Watching honest conservatives flail around trying to face the many elephants in their house has been a bit entertaining these last few days. Two such moderates I listen to more than others are Megan McCain of House McCain and Steve Schmidt from MSNBC, they both seem pretty straight forward and accurate. And listening to them and others like David Frum, it struck me, if the GOP does what they collectively suggest, excise the anti-science morons, get rid of abortion-under-no-circumstances as  a 100% do or die issue, tamp down on hatred of gays and immigrants, address racial prejudice, all while holding out an olive branch to minorities, and accept that sometimes, taxes might have to go up and down in some brackets, plus try to remove the worst of grifters … what is left that defines a conservative?

I mean … that’s pretty much it man. You strip out all that hatred and exploitation, most of the willful ignorance and monolithic, stubborn stupidity out of the GOP, and, well, they’d be democrats or democratic leaning indies. Or maybe just completely non political. Right? Because the entire modern Republican Party is a con job wrapped around giving rich people more money and power, and tricking the rest of the electorate to vote to give rich people more money and power.

That’s sad to say, but if we’re doing some intra-party soul searching on the heels of a crushing defeat, that’s the truth.  So yeah, I think the GOP may be way, way more fucked than even McCain or Schmidt realize and it’s hard to see how they ever get out of that trap.