1. machintelligence says

    It’s at — look under election infographic.
    It wasn’t hard: their logo appears at the bottom of the chart.

  2. brucemartin says

    If you enlarge the graph, the fine print notes that happyplace got the data from FoxBusiness dot com, who got it from the official US Census data.

    I’m sure that HappyPlace could have gotten the data from lots of sources, but it seems they chose the most ironic pathway.

  3. Christoph Burschka says

    Man, liberals and their fancy “college degrees”, studying their “discernible reality” and “facts”.

  4. brucegee1962 says

    Well, the solution is easy.

    If Republicans want to get back into power, they need to defund education, fire teachers, defund PBS, and slash Pell Grants.

    It’s the only way to regain American Greatness.

  5. The Lorax says

    I saw a similar graphic for the Bush/Kerry election. I shouldn’t be surprised to learn if this is rather normal.

    Would be nice to get a meta analysis done on this; like, all the elections from the past 50 years or so…

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