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  1. Trebuchet says

    Back of the hand, I think, based on the way the “knuckles” are bent.

    “Knuckles” is a funny word. Took me three tries to type it! New wallpaper anyhow.

  2. StevoR says

    Does it remind anyone of a scarred palm and a few fingers?

    Yup. Me – and I’d say you as well, right?

    Click to beautifully embiginate.

    Been taking blogging lessons from the Bad Astronomer eh? ;-)

    Nice photo. Not quite pareidolia (sp?) but close. Cheers.

  3. F says

    Yeah. Looks like the back of my hand, only the fingers are far too smooth. The color enhancement makes the relief appear more profound than in other images. But yeah, long live the proletariat.

  4. njosprey says

    Whoa! That must be the hand that goes with the “face on Mars.” Quick, call Erich von Däniken. Don’t believe? Just wait until they find the foot.

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