Silencing women’s voices

Some people like to refer to “misogyny” with those scare quotes; it doesn’t really exist, they imply, and it’s certainly not worth fighting against. Others go so far as to deny sexism against women at all — oh, it’s really the men who are discriminated against. But you don’t hear stories about men being harassed off the internet, as commonly occurs to women. There are people who work really hard at making the internet a hostile place for anyone who supports feminism.

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The talk of head transplants is completely nuts

New Scientist has an article titled 5 things you're dying to ask about head transplants. Yeah, someone said we can expect to be able to do head transplants in a few years, so the media are all wound up and asking stupid questions. Here are the questions New Scientist thought were really important.

What’s the difference between brain and head transplants?

Could the transplant technique work for a cryogenically frozen head?

Would the surgery be psychologically damaging?

I’m a registered organ donor. Could my body be used for this?

There’s one more. It’s so stupid and misleading that I had to single it out.

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