Keep it classy, Fox News!

A woman pilot from the UAE led air strikes against ISIS. Brains were conflicted at Fox News. On the one hand, dropping bombs always makes them happy, but on the other, they’d rather good ol’ Merkins were dropping them. On the third hand, it was a chance to sneer at those regressive Mooslems who don’t let women even drive, but on the fourth hand, a woman was actually qualified to fly a powerful piece of high tech machinery.

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Learn from the baboons

A primatologist looks at 4chan and reddit, and sees something familiar:

Light from the monitors cast lurid shadows upon their pallid, staring faces as their right hands pumped rhythmically up and down over the F5 key to reload their screens. “I can’t refresh fast enough,” one commenter typed ecstatically, while another announced, “This is the best night of my life!” Many of the men in this online forum attempted to outdo one another by bragging about how many times they had “fapped” that night—a euphemism for masturbation. They went to great lengths to assert their masculinity by insisting how often they had jerked off in front of a screen being watched by other men. Like baboons sitting with their legs spread wide so that passing males could witness their small red phalluses, there was a mixture of sex and status involved in this public display.

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Chocolate brains

The ever-charming Sam Harris has smarmily connected me to Deepak Chopra, so now I’m getting a flood of both smug, superior cluelessness from the Vulcans of Planet Sam, and the spacey vacuous nonsense of the Chopralites. Thanks, Sam! Although, I must say, so far Chopra freaks are doing a better job of actually saying something. Which isn’t saying much.

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Sam Pepper: Not cool at all

This youtube comedian, Sam Pepper, made an awful little video of him startling women by pinching their butts (yeah, humor); the women look uncomfortable and unhappy with this inappropriate behavior, but Pepper giggles madly, so it was funny to someone. It was shocking, really, that he seemed to think distressing people was amusing.

So Laci Green wrote him an open letter — a very polite, too polite, letter describing what was objectionable, since he’s apparently not clever enough to see it himself, and asking him to stop (Ophelia linked to the letter yesterday).

You’ll never guess how Sam Pepper has responded.

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