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Mar 27 2013

Here I Stand; I Can Do No Other

I weigh in on Google Glass at KCET. The gist: Some of us come out to the desert to escape the Panopticon that life in the city already is, increasingly. In Los Angeles, Google Glass might be just one more increment of invasion in a landscape already thoroughly colonized by surveillance cameras, red light cameras, random private …

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Mar 18 2013

Nightmare fuel

It’s morning here, so it’s probably safe to post this now. I read this article just before bed last night, and then I had a nightmare. I dreamt that I walked into my classroom, and 50 pairs of eyes all turned to me, and they were all wearing Google Glass, and there were all these …

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Mar 17 2013

I, for one, welcome the Internet surveillance state

Well, not really, but I figure I better say so. Google is listening. Something to consider: the convictions in Steubenville were obtained with the assistance of the flood of data from cell phones. Bruce Schneier considers the implications of constant technological monitoring. So, we’re done. Welcome to a world where Google knows exactly what sort …

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Mar 16 2013

I support the #tooFEW project


Hey, we all know what atheists, gamers, tech people, and scientists have in common: underrepresentation of minority viewpoints and the presence of indignant white male gatekeepers. Now we get to add another category: wikipedia editors. In that great common resource that gets used all over the place as a quick entry to basic concepts, only …

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Mar 12 2013

Brilliant! A positive story from the gamer community


This is very nice: a fellow hacked Donkey Kong for his daughter — he swapped the characters so that Pauline is rescuing Mario. This would have been so easy for Nintendo to have done, it’s rather revealing that they didn’t. Oh, and the gamer who did this generally got accolades from the community…but don’t read …

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Mar 12 2013

Reddit could be excellent


Rebecca Watson has a very good summary of her SXSW panel on Reddit. Reddit has an introspection problem (they don’t) and a criticism problem (they don’t accept it, even when they have a serious problem that needs correcting). The panel then moved on to discussing where Reddit came from, how it differed from other forums …

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Mar 11 2013

Prediction: Some of you will read this and grab a roll of tape

“Ratters”. Ick. These are pathetic people who use a canned remote administration tool (RAT) to seize control of other people’s computers…especially to activate their laptop cameras so they can spy on them (which is why I predict some of you will want to tape over your camera). Ars Technica has a whole article on these …

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Mar 08 2013

Damsel in Distress

Anita Sarkeesian has released the first of her series on sexist tropes in video games. I notice that the comments on the youtube video are disabled. I wonder why? No, I actually don’t. Rebecca Watson points out something interesting. In all the noise surrounding Sarkeesian’s initial campaign to raise money (you don’t need that much …

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Mar 06 2013

I remember that poster!


Back in the dim dark distant days of yore, Matt Groening actually did some promotional artwork for Apple — all at about the same time he started up with some little show called the Simpsons, and when he’d apparently doodle up a poster for them for the price of a Laserwriter. Speaking of Groening and …

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Feb 28 2013

Please don’t use this argument


I got briefly drawn into a twitter argument with a fellow atheist who proudly flashed this image: The next time you get bullied by religious people on facebook, remind them that they are using hardware and software invented and built by atheists, including facebook! That is embarassingly bad. And when I pointed out a few …

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