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May 16 2014

I am also reminded that there is much I must do to prepare

Brianne reminds us all that CONvergence is coming — only a month and a half until the big event in Bloomington, with 46 panels on science, all-night party rooms full of nerds blissed out on fantastic science, and thousands of SF/Fantasy conversations going on nonstop. I overdid it a bit last year, and this year …

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Apr 16 2014

“Coming Out Atheist” is coming out now

Greta Christina’s new book, “Coming Out Atheist”, is now available. Get yourself a copy! I’m hoping there will be some at the American Atheists convention this weekend in Salt Lake City. I’ll be speaking there, Greta will be speaking there (as will Sikivu, Matt, and Maryam) so I should be able to track one down, …

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Apr 09 2014

Another free conference this weekend

I guess it’s that time of year — the Freethought Festival is taking place in Madison this weekend. Go! Third Annual Freethought Fest To Draw Crowd This Weekend The UW-Madison student organization Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics is holding their third annual Freethought Festival this weekend, set to take place at two venues in Madison, WI. …

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Apr 07 2014

A good weekend at Skep-Tech

I’m home from Skep-Tech, and I just have to say that that was one of the better conferences I’ve attended — which is remarkable considering that it was student-run and -organized, and completely free. It was a good mix, too. There were several people I hadn’t heard from before, Kate Greene and Jessica Kirsner, who …

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Apr 04 2014

Skeptech 2 today!

It’s not too late, get signed up at Skeptech (it’s free, but they do hope for donations). I shall be there, along with my bodyguard, the mighty Connlann, who happens to be passing through on his way in a transfer from California to Georgia. If you’re thinking of arranging a boycott of my talks (you …

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Mar 24 2014

Guess who’s speaking at the NSTA National Conference


The featured speaker at this year’s National Science Teacher Association conference in Boston is…Mayim Bialik. The lucky ones among you are saying right now, “who?”. Others may know her from her television work, but maybe don’t know the full story behind her ‘science’ activism. She’s an actor who plays Sheldon’s girlfriend on Big Bang Theory. …

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Mar 09 2014

Democracy! Transparency! Diversity!

Janet Stemwedel has written up a summary of #scioSafe from ScienceOnline, outlining some good strategies for building a better organization and conference. It’s good reading for anyone who wants to make any group better.

Mar 04 2014

The F-Word Conference

Feminists…in Morris! It’s time for The F-Word Conference again, 21-22 March, right here deep in the rural midwest. I attended last year, and it was very good. This year, I’m looking at the schedule, and thinking it looks even better. Also a bit daring. I hope the locals don’t riot.

Mar 01 2014


Somehow, I follow a lot of science fiction people and UK residents on twitter, and my feed erupted with convergent outrage this morning. Some guy named @wossy (Jonathan Ross) has been announced as the host for a British SF convention, Loncon 3, where he’ll be handing out the Hugo Awards. Who? Had to look him …

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Feb 28 2014

I don’t mean to be neglecting the blog today

But I’m neglecting the blog today. I’m finally at #scio14, and it’s busy busy busy. So far today I’ve been in sessions on reaching diverse audiences and on doing better at serving differently abled communities, because I’d like to do both, and this afternoon there’s stuff on media and networks and who knows what that …

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