Two more Skepticon speakers

New announcement: also in the lineup are Debbie Goddard and Greta Christina!

That means the main stage roster is: PZ Myers, Eli Heina Dadabhoy, Jey McCreight, Debbie Goddard, and Greta Christina. There will also be a game night on Friday, the traditional SkeptiProm on Saturday, and workshops on Sunday. Come on down to St Louis!


  1. flimmer says

    I’ve been reading your blog for years. Looking forward to my first Skepticon. Driving down from Buffalo, MN.

  2. birgerjohansson says

    And here is why we need skeptics.
    The weekend is coming up, so I am giving you a review of this forgotten gem of Christian films: Vultures of Horror. Enjoy.
    “God Awful Movies”

  3. Samuel Vimes says

    It was my understanding that Greta Christina had dived head-first into the TERF pool. Or am I thinking of someone else? Probably. I’m very muddled these days.

  4. Samuel Vimes says

    [smacks forehead] Yes! I remember, now! Thank you. GC being one sure didn’t sound right to me and I had completely forgotten OB existed.

  5. Chuck Washburn says

    Why does Skepticon have to be in the confederacy?
    I grew up there and I have no desire to return and I certainly don’t want to spend any money there.
    Just nope.

    Chuck Washburn