1. blf says

    Damn, I’ve missed the trivia panel. It’s now c.00h30m on Saturday 15 Août where I live.
    Oh, wait, you mean the times aren’t local… don’t see that anywhere, albeit searching the link in the OP does find “CST”. Now, is that 6 or 9 or how many hours East(? West?) from GMT? (Yes, I do happen to know, and also know how to find out!)

    My point is for an online gathering there is an amazing lack of competence(? “user-friendlyness”?) here. The use of farcebork is stunning hostile.

  2. wzrd1 says

    Get excited. Check.
    Like, really excited. Check.
    Listen to talk. Check.
    Change underwear, that damned burrito went right through me… :/
    Maybe I should lay off of the burritos for such events? ;)