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Feb 21 2013

Dear Mister Minister (re: DEAR MR ATHEIST)

Dear Mister Minister… I read your little letter—and I disagree, I fear— Since you don’t allow for comments there, I’ll have to comment here: It’s written very clearly, and it isn’t very long, But your letter has a fatal flaw: its premises are wrong! You paint us a position, which you eagerly refute But the …

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Jan 14 2013

Jesus VS Constitution In Jackson (now with video!)

Though they gathered by the hundreds, they were unified in voice— The majority has spoken, and the people know their choice They are standing up for Jesus; it’s the only thing they know So the US constitution has to go!…

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Jan 11 2013

Jackson, OH Is The New Cranston

There’s a picture of Jesus in Jackson Where it’s hung for some sixty-five years By a door, on the wall In a middle-school hall Now it’s come down to lawsuits and tears

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Dec 07 2012

A One-Way Wall?

A door that doesn’t open? Why, that’s not a door at all. A door that doesn’t open Is a wall. If you want to pass right through it Well, that’s not what walls are for. If you want to pass right through it Use a door. It’s a wall of separation That the founding fathers …

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Oct 11 2012

Pennsylvania Pol Panders, Protecting Public Pledge

“I pledge allegiance…” no, I don’t. A public prayer? Again, I won’t. My first amendment rights allow my protest in this case! The Pennsylvania House, this week Observed a Rep refuse to speak The chairman made an issue just to pander to his base. A Democrat refused to pray Though why she did, I cannot …

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Oct 05 2012

“Up until now, the idea of being American and believing in God were synonymous”

At the Washington Post, Sally Quinn is the most— The most wrong, most annoying, most vile Now she’s written a screed that’s offensive indeed And it’s full of the usual bile Says “belief is a must, cos in God we do trust So our coins are the ones God would favor You can see every …

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Oct 04 2012

Texas Cheerleaders Fight The Tyranny Of The Minority

In Texas, where football’s religion And religion is bigger each year Where the cheerleading squad Gives all glory to god And sings praises to Jesus in cheer There’s a school where they all read the bible And the handful who don’t, watch their backs Because Jesus comes first All the kids do their worst To …

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Oct 02 2012

Guess God Was Only Ceremonial, After All

Pile of de-godded dollar coins

When grinding the “God” off your money, it’s funny, It really brings home how the whole thing’s absurd It’s patently clear—as I’m grinding, I’m finding They think “God” is special; it’s only a word. The metal where I am engraving’s behaving Exactly the same as the rest of it does— No magical force to make …

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Oct 01 2012


60 dollar coins

Context here, of course. Only three of the coins have “In God We Trust” on the edge, so no problem there. Stay tuned…

Sep 29 2012

Long Overdue Repairs

There’s a hole in the wall, where the wind can get in And it’s been there for fifty-some years It’s down near the floor, where it hardly gets noticed Till a chase, when a mouse disappears When wintertime comes, we can feel the cold air And remember, that hole is the reason But then something …

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