Oklahoma Satanist Monument Now Fully Funded

That didn’t take long. As of this posting, they have $20,389 $21,455 of their proposed $20,000.

I like commenter Randomfactor’s idea; the statue should have built-in webcam eyes. Maybe a few more bucks… reading the various stories on this proposed statue, there is no shortage of volunteers ready to welcome it with open arms (of the second amendment sort), sledgehammers, chisels, jackhammers… it would be nice to have good, clear video of these nice people.

Freedom of religion means
My statue gets to stay,
And I get to tear down anything
That gets in my one’s way.
My monument must stand alone
For everyone to see…
No other statues anywhere–
That’s how we know we’re free.


  1. raven says

    I hope they have it insured and make a few duplicates. And that it is made of something hard to destroy.

    Maybe they can raffle off tickets for a contest predicting how long the statue will last before being vandalized.

    Of course, the statue has to be monitored by video cameras and trail cameras. They will make great Youtube videos.

    Cost of a satanic statue = $20,000

    Value of xians behaving like barbarians = Priceless

    The violent xians are always good for some free publicity.

  2. raven says

    Of course this is only the start.

    The Hindus already plan a statue of their Monkey god.

    As a sometime Pagan, I’m getting excited.

    Thor is already a wildly popular godlike being with his own Marvel comic book series and several movies. I could see a heroic statue of Thor battling a Frost Giant. The Aesir have done a real service to humankind. They said they would get rid of the Frost Giants.

    And no one has seen one around for a few centuries. Or at least up until yesterday. But don’t worry, I’m sure they will get rid of the latest incursion from Helheim in a day or two. The price of good weather is eternal vigilance.

    PS Given all the religions and the constant creation of new ones, I can see that this place in Oklahoma is going to get real crowded fast. I do hope they have a few hundred acres for their collection of religious monuments. And just where are they going to put the Mayan and Aztec pyramids any way?

  3. tmscott says

    The real icing on the cake will be when people start leaving offerings at its feet and in its lap.

  4. says

    At least baleful, glowing red eyes. :)

    An internet wifi text to speech server would be fun. That way it could make useful quips when people came near.

  5. Callinectes says

    No, the next statue should be one of Ormagöden, destroyer of the ancient world.

    Titans 1:1 In the beginning, all was darkness. That was how the First Ones preferred it, for they were so hideous that even they could not bear to look upon themselves. 2 Then came the Fire Beast, a giant monster of flaming, molten iron, who roared across the sky like an angry comet. His metal body burned so brightly it illuminated the world and all its hateful creatures. 3 He was Ormagöden, Cremator of the Sky, and the First Ones loathed him because his light forced them to see themselves as they truly were. 4 So they hid underground, and dreamed of a day when they could murder the fire beast, and rid the world of his light forever.

    Titans 3:1 The king used the song of Aetulia to lure the Fire Beast Ormagöden to the ground, where the First Ones tracked him and tried to douse his flaming body with mud. 2 Rather than be extinguished, the mighty Fire Beast let out an earth-shattering scream and exploded like a sun. 3 A million pieces of his steel flesh shot into the ground, veining it with ore. 4 His fire flew up into the sky and became the sun. 5 There was so much blood it flooded the world, drowning all the First Ones as it formed the oceans. 6 His death cry was so loud that it echoes throughout the world to this day. 7 Low creatures felled the god Ormagöden, but his death gave the world the elements from which a new era would rise: Blood, Fire, Noise, and Metal.

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