Texas (of course) Mayor Declares 2014 “Year Of The Bible)

The Christian mayor of Flower Mound
Created a sensation—
He searched his soul, and thus felt bound
To make a proclamation:

This year, he said, would be the year
The town would find its way
Because they’ll read (he made it clear)
The bible every day

Each day, he posts a bible verse;
They study, to the letter
The world, you see, is getting worse
And this will make it better

If the godless get litigious
Then the mayor will play it tough…
Because Texas is religious,
But, it seems, not quite enough.

Yup, because Texas isn’t quite Christian enough already, the Mayor of Flower Mound has proclaimed 2014 the year of the bible. Or rather, “a” year of the bible, since he wants to do it again in 2015. They’ve got a website and everything:

The Bible consists of 66 books written by more than 40 different authors from all different walks of life over a period of 1.400 to 1,800 years. The amazing thing is that the Bible carries a perfect unity from cover to cover regarding its message and content, which speaks of its divine origin as ultimately written by God and not man.

Well, perhaps actually reading it will disabuse them of the notion that it “carries a perfect unity from cover to cover”.
Dallas News | myFOXdfw.com

Hmmm… at the time I started writing this, they had a functioning comment section on their site, with all positive comments. Now?

Due to the high traffic the site has experienced, we have disabled the Comments section.

Yeah… that must be why.


  1. says

    Flower Mound!? Flower Mound!?!!1?one!?!
    The weirdos are getting closer and closer to me! Aaaaaargh!!!
    And anyway you’d think the Flower-Mounders would definitely not want to get their stupidly embarrassing name like that in the news.

  2. grumpyoldfart says

    I’ll bet the congregation gives him a standing ovation as he struts into church next Sunday.

  3. blf says

    I wonder if it is possible / practical to arrange to send to each household in that town a copy of, say, Asimov’s Guide to the Bible ?

  4. joeschoeler says

    Wow, the reading for Jan 4 includes a lot about Noah. They even include the bit about Noah cursing his son Ham for seeing him naked. I would think they would want to leave that out, given how it’s been used to justify racism and slavery.

  5. says

    I didn’t read the article, the title was enuff so I don’t know if this was mentioned or its not accurate, if this person the mayor are they using public funds to post only Christian verses? That is clearly state sponsoring one religion even in the most uneducated persons mind,

  6. Cuttlefish says

    I *think* all funds that are being used have been gathered by a coalition of churches. The only thing the mayor is doing is using the power of his position. The proclamation was not voted on by the council, so the mayor makes the argument that it is his individual (thus protected) position… problem is, he is doing it as mayor, which violates the establishment clause.

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