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Sep 23 2013

Cranston’s New Banner

The sign on the wall reads “No Christians Allowed”— … Except for the fact that it doesn’t. There’s a banner in Cranston, replacing the prayer— The prayer that the Christians said wasn’t. No “Heavenly Father”, no “Prayer”, no “Amen” Just a pledge of good will and respect. So it’s either much better the way that …

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Sep 21 2013

Obama Sides With Church, Against State

Obama, the atheist Muslim-in-chief Is engaged in a stealth operation By submitting a letter that aims to cause grief To church and state separation It baldly attacks the establishment clause (Which you’ll easily find, if you search) A town prayer is clearly at odds with our laws, But the president sides with the church! The …

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Sep 21 2013

Yet Another Place To Tag “In God We Trust”

One task that falls to governments Of each of our united states Is regulating new designs That ornament our license plates. Some groups are favored: some are not— You know the trouble this creates— And governments start taking sides (in search of votes) in these debates. Wisconsin, now, will be the scene As two designs …

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Sep 13 2013

“In God We Trust” vs “In God We Trust”

The motto stamped on bills and coins Is everywhere. The phrase enjoins, “In God We Trust”. Unless we wish to be so brash As just refuse to carry cash It seems we must. The warnings come, so stern and dour From representatives of our Democracy Who crow that, when with cash we pay, “In God …

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Sep 10 2013

The Return Of The Praying Mom

The praying mom is back. For context, here’s the earlier story. Of course, some local Christians Want the praying mom to stay So they found a Christian lawyer And they argued she could pray Since the school administration Didn’t want a Christian riot, They decided she could pray each day As long as she stayed …

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Sep 06 2013

Fox News’s “The Five” Debate (ha!) The Pledge Lawsuit

I know, in this country, we’re free to praise God And we’re free to ignore those who don’t We’d be free to spread some of this freedom around But we’re also free not to… and won’t. Some people might claim that we’re doing it wrong— Why they’d say that, I cannot conceive— Those people have …

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Aug 23 2013

Sorry, California, But You Have To Pay The Atheist *Something*.

A godless drug offender who was serving his parole Was remanded to a program where they tried to save his soul He denies a god exists—a “higher power” is their phrase— So they threw him back in prison for another hundred days Now, this differential treatment was unlawful (also, rude) So the godless drug offender …

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Aug 19 2013

“If The First Amendment Means Anything…”

Can your town pray to Jesus? The courts will decide; A town in New York Has a case being tried At town council meetings (And maybe at schools) They argue “the Christian Majority rules” The supremes are the ones Who interpret the laws– So PLEASE… don’t neglect The establishment clause! I’ll stop here–I could go …

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Aug 01 2013

The Christian Post Just Doesn’t Understand

I have to keep praying Keep constantly praying My soul is at stake if I pause Each moment of silence Or prayer I’m not saying Is grist for the devil, because Each time when we eat And we don’t pray at dinner Thank god, we’re about to be fed It’s promoting the views Of the …

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Jul 30 2013

The Devil Went To Concord

The Devil went to Concord; He was there to raise some hell With Satanic clothes and music And with drugs and porn to sell He would fill young hearts with evil things Like envy, lust, and hate… He was climbing up the High School steps When something whispered, “Wait!” A mom was in the doorway, …

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