There Oughta Be An Amendment…

Do you want to give the government
(the people with the tanks)
The authority to choose your prayers,
And how you give your thanks?

Do you want to give the government
(the ones who run the schools)
The power to say there’s just one prayer
(not yours) that fits their rules?

Do you want to give the government
(which represents us all)
The tools to say which faiths will stand
And which, of course, must fall?

Cos if you give the government
(that thing that’s got you vexed)
The right to quash the other guys…
Your own group might be next.

Ed’s not the only one reading the comments at The Blaze. Not the same story, but many of the same readers–this time, a Florida school district does the right thing and eliminates “team chaplains” in favor of “life coaches”, and one of the former chaplains tells “Fox & Friends” that people really need to read the first amendment. The Blaze commenters agree, having never heard of the 14th amendment, and certainly having never actually read any of the legal decisions on church/state issues.

I had hoped, however faintly, that recent stories about oppression of Christians in Muslim countries would have given American Christians a dose of perspective–but no, they (sorry, that’s unfair; commenters at The Blaze do not reflect Christians as a whole, nor do they reflect reality) keep wanting the power of the government to endorse a particular religion. I suppose I don’t need to add that they assume that this particular religion will be theirs.


  1. Al Dente says

    It’s a pity that the Blaze commenters are unfamiliar with American history. If they knew about the Boston Martyrs, they’d realize that tolerance of different religions is a positive good, especially if you’re not a member of the preferred cult.

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