Which one of these drugs should we go after?


Which one of these drugs should we make illegal and go out of our way to prosecute users for using? Actually that’s a trick question, the correct answer in my opinion is none of them. Click image for more at Vox.


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    There’s a bit of a difference there, though.

    “Attributable” (for the first two) vs. overdose (for the rest). Those numbers are comparing apples and stock prices. How many DUI accidents and deaths were ‘attributable’ to drugs? Lots. One I know personally where a driver was high (just from pot, mind you) enough to run over and kill a friend of mine on a motorcycle (it was prosecuted as a DUI, so I don’t know if the statistics will change to show the specific drug in these cases). So zero is the wrong answer.

    However, your larger point is taken, tobacco and alcohol have a much larger impact. Now, once marijuana becomes legalized on a larger scale (and I support that), things may change, and it may also become a larger issue as being a contributing factor to DUIs and similar incidents.

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