1. Johnny Vector says

    And based on the stability of the footage, it’s a drone with a gimbal. So we’re talking about $1300-$1500 minimum that he sent up into the middle of a bunch of explosions. A little bold, that.

  2. stever says

    I believe the FAA has ruled: If you fly it by remote control, observing it from the ground, it’s a model aircraft. If you look out from an onboard camera, it’s a drone.

  3. Nentuaby says

    Hard to say how stable the camera actually is, they do amazing things in post these days. I’ve seen apparently rock solid video out of a gopro on a fixed mount on a quadcopter . The raw footage was juddering like woah before digital stabilization.

  4. Holms says

    But more importantly, what was that musical piece? I know I’ve heard it before, but can’t quite place it.

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