Draft Wendy Davis for Texas governor’s race

In January we found Wendy Davis trailing Rick Perry just 47-41 despite- at that time- pretty low name recognition @ppppolls

The lady who held social conservatives at bay in Texas last night is now the subject of a Netroots-based draft movement to put her in the governor’s race in 2014. Check out some highlights of her impressive story:

CNN — “The Texas state senator whose filibuster of an abortion bill became a national phenomenon has a long history of persisting against tough odds. Wendy Davis — the 50-year-old Democrat who stood and spoke for 13 hours Tuesday at the Texas Capitol — went from being a teen mom to graduating from Harvard Law School.

She began working after school at age 14 to help support her single mother and three siblings, according to her campaign website. “By 19, Wendy was a single mother herself, working two jobs to make ends meet in hopes of creating a better life for her young daughter.”

She pursued community college, then transferred to Texas Christian University. With the help of scholarships and loans, she graduated first in her class. She went on to graduate with honors from Harvard Law at the age of 33. She also had a second daughter.

While standing during the filibuster, Davis wore pink running shoes. It was unclear whether the color was chosen because anti-abortion Republican feminists have been referred to as “pink elephants.” In 2010, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin spoke of a “stampede of pink elephants,” promising a movement of GOP women against abortion.”


  1. says

    Given a choice between Prick Perry and the rear end of a hippopotamus, I’m sure most people would like to see the hippo in the governor’s seat.

    So Wendy Davis should have an easy race!!

  2. magistramarla says

    Senator Davis will go down in history as a heroine in the women’s rights movement.
    If she runs for governor, she has my vote!

  3. says

    I don’t see why he won’t — it’s not a particularly arduous job, as governorships go — unless there is a strong primary challenge from the right. It would be nice for a strong Democratic challenger to be involved in a head-to-head battle will Perry in 2014, but I’m not sure that filibustering anti-abortion legislation (as laudable as it was) contributes to a winning formula in Texas, yet.

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    Davis might be the right candidate. We tried Bill White, hurricane fighter, mayor of Houston, and federal government insider. The whitest, most mainstream, candidate ever. And WTF? He and Ed Emmett forced Perry to help them fight hurricanes after Rita and their plan worked when Ike, the Big One, finally came. Bill White was an awesome mayor. He made Houston, center of the world’s oil industry, into the largest consumer of green energy, most of which came from Texas.

    If Bill White couldn’t beat Perry, we need some different. Wendy Davis is different, and one of the Castro twins needs to be on the ballot for Lt. governor.

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