Finally a bipartisan issue


What do you know, despite the flip-flopping by Fox News talking heads and WH VPs across the board, here’s an issue the grass roots of both parties agree on.


  1. says

    I kinda thought that the “public hearing” process involved following the constitution and publicly changing it, if someone wanted to do something else. Isn’t that sort of how the “rule of law” works? I know I’m just being naive, we don’t really live under the rule of law – we live under the rule of subtle interpretation. And a bit of outright lying.

    I’ve encountered the trope, “I don’t need to keep secrets because I’m not doing anything wrong” a couple of times regarding this topic, and we should turn it around right back at our government agencies: C’mon NSA, you don’t need to keep this program secret if you’re not doing anything wrong. The fact that the first responses were lies… well, we’re certainly off to a bad start.

  2. Holms says

    Bear in mind though, the only reason the republicans are on the same page is because it occurrec during a democrat presidency.

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